Saturday, November 26, 2011


I have too many things to be grateful for, always, to attempt a real list, but this is what comes to mind today: love, good dish towels, steady hands, leftover turkey, the lightness of being. Yes, this list is for real.

There are crazy masses of herbs growing semi-wild by my apartment. I picked two big pocketfuls of catnip and sage yesterday. Is it gross foraging in Brooklyn? DK is pretty sure that I'm going to get lead poisoning, I'm pretty sure I'll be okay, but feel free to place bets.

Picked up a cookbook at an estate sale this morning. I'm a sucker for spiral-bound community cookbooks. Throw in some nice line drawings, and I'm really a goner.

If this pie was good enough for Thomas Jefferson, then damn it, it's good enough for me.

DK found me these numbered brass thumbtacks. I really love them. And him, too. That man is terrific.

He does, however, have a really weird tic about photos and portraits of strangers. As in, he can't deal with them hanging in our apartment because he thinks it's "creepy." I guess it would be one thing if I had my own family pictures to put up, but all of my folks think cameras are the devil's plaything. I'm rambling. What I'm trying to say is, I bought this photo of a stranger on a boat, which would normally cause household tension. Luckily, it's mostly a psychedelic swirl of water damage, so DK is okay with it.

I'm not sure where to put it. We still haven't gotten around to hanging up any art (or, you know, unpacking), so it's just hanging out by the radiator now.

We're heading out for a walk now. I will try to resist picking more sage, but that's a losing battle. Other evening plans: Bundt cake! Shelving! Bad sci-fi!


  1. glad you're back! that sage looks awesome, lead contaminated or not. hey, it's city living, it will make you stronger!

  2. i'm still seeking that lightness of being. bundt cake might help.

  3. Hannah: Thank you! I'm glad to be back too. I think I'm going to save the sage for smudge sticks, actually, because I looove the smell of burning sage. I'm such a closet hippie.

    Julia: Quit your job! It really puts a spring in your step! ;)


    I need some.

  5. What'll you trade me for the info, girlie? ;)

  6. Kiiiiiidding. You have to ride out to Red Hook, though; there's a park at Conover and Van Dyke, and there are scattered mounds of it everywhere for ornament. I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to be picking it, but I can't stop myself. Enjoy!

  7. Ah, Red Hook. Of course, the Wild West of Brooklyn. I lived there for a while before moving to Greenpoint, the Wild North of Brooklyn. Wonder what sage tastes like when it grows near the Newton Creek??