Saturday, November 12, 2011

(Rose) Hip, hip, hooray

Well, it's been a while.

What have I been up to? Nothing much. We moved to a new apartment. I quit my job. I've been stealing rose hips, and I'm not sorry. A few weeks ago, I learned how to solder; I'm really terrible at it, but I love telling people that I know how because it sounds so delightfully competent.

Let's rewind to the rose hips.
There are a bewildering number of rose bushes in a park by our new apartment, and all those bushes are now crammed with rose hips, and, last week, four pounds of those rose hips were crammed into my tote bag. I don't know. Blame Euell Gibbons.

You can make rose hip jelly, rose hip jam, rose hip tea, and rose hip syrup, which are all lovely things. Because I am who I am, I milled and crushed my hips and steeped them in vodka.

And now, the waiting game. In a few weeks, I'll strain everything and see what's what. Hopefully, something delicious and boozy.

That's basically it for me. I'm taking things as slow and steady as I can keep them. Small steps, small victories.


  1. are you taking a blacksmithing class in red hook? my bandmate gavin is...maybe he is in your class? did you leave work yet? very good idea to make your own rose hip liquor...that stuff we tried was good!

  2. I never had rosehip before (only in tea)... looks yum!

  3. Hopefully, something delicious and boozy.

    Exactly what I'd be looking forward to!!!!! I hope it works

  4. Julia: No, I wish! I took a stained glass workshop, which is considerably less awesome than blacksmithing. My last-ish day is still coming up... and yes, that's where I got the idea! I haven't gone through the bottle I bought yet, but it's so crazy-good.

    Sara: There is a proper company that makes rose hip liqueur, and the taste is amazing!

    Rohan: Yes, fingers crossed! I've snuck a few sips, and it all seems to be coming together!